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Kosmos was the result of the fusion of the Beyonder and Molecule Man, who were said to be sentient parts of a Cosmic Cube made by the extradimensional Beyonders, both finally submitted to being reshaped into a Cube,[1] which evolved into the entity called Kosmos.[2]

As a Cosmic Cube

This new being was cared by Kubik, to which it developed feelings, and turned to be curious, inquisitive and friendly. At some point, Molecule Man managed to separate himself from it and return to Earth, causing it to take on a new female form in the hope of avoiding the violent tendencies of its past male incarnation. Kosmos was later attacked by Molecule Man, who had gone mad after his lover had died, drawing out the essence of the Beyonder. Molecule Man having nearly destroyed the Beyonder and Kosmos with it was convinced by Kubik to restore the Beyonder's essence to Kosmos to save her life after explaining how Kubik had fallen in love with Kosmos.[3]

Kubik and Kosmos parted ways with Kosmos continuing to evolve, apparently negatively, as she shaped itself into a new incarnation called the Maker, which turned to be functionally insane as the Beyonder's personality sought overtake the Kosmos aspect of the Maker's mind. She obliviously destroyed a Shi'ar agrarian settlement and killed 64,000 colonists before being incapacitated by Imperial Guard Telepath, Oracle and placed in stasis in the Klyn space prison. Thanos fought and intentionally drove her to catatonia to protect the universe from her madness by trapping the Beyonder's malevolent essence inside her catatonic immortal body, warning that if her physical body was ever destroyed then the Beyonder would roam free once again.[4] She, or at least her physical form, perished when the Kyln, the cosmic prison where she was held, was destroyed by the Annihilation Wave.[5] Her body was found intact but deceased by the Fallen One by the order of Thanos to bring her back alive or report that she was truly dead. The Fallen One planned to bring her body back to Thanos before being captured by Tenebrous and Aegis.[6]

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