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Makkari is a member of the Eternals,[10] a race of people genetically altered from humans to be superior in all physical traits.[18] Makkari spent years honing her speed to becoming the fastest Eternal.[citation needed]

Throughout out the ages, Makkari, who was male for most of his life, spent much time helping humanity prosper in civilizations such as ancient Egypt and Greece.[19][3] During World War II he had many adventures under the name Hurricane.[6][1] In the 21st century, after having his memories erased by the mischievous Eternal known as Sprite, Makkari was chosen by an incredibly powerful being known as the Dreaming Celestial to be the Celestial's single point of contact with Eternals.[20]

With the death of the Dreaming Celestial, Makkari, now a woman, spent all of her resources trying to somehow reach the dead Celestial, but she was unsuccessful, losing her speech and hearing in the process.[21]


Early History[]

Makkari, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago and has looked after humanity ever since.[22][23] He is the son of Veron and Mara and a member of the Eternals' Technologists' Guild.[24]

He learned engineering from his parents and, because of his passion for speed, applied the sciences to design various high-velocity transport vessels, and was additionally tutored by Master Elo.[24]

Across the Ages[]

As an Eternal, he possessed a long lifetime and had adventures throughout the centuries becoming part of human history. Under the name Thoth, he taught the Egyptians how to write.[3] He was often confused for the Olympian god Hermes.[1] He was present during the Trojan War (13th century BC),[1][24][19] where he was confused for Hermes.[24] but his affiliations and actions then are unknown. He later studied under Plato.[17] In the Roman Empire, he was often confused with the god Mercury.[12][25] Later, he was present during Nero's burning of Rome, where he assisted Sersi (who he had an on-and-off relationship with)[10][3] He later served as charioteer for Persian king Darius[24] in the 6th century AD.[1] He was present during the reign of Vlad the Impaler.[1][19] Makkari witnessed the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.[1][19]

20th Century[]

World War II[]

Around 1940, Makkari was assigned by Prime Eternal Zuras from the Deviant Warlord Kro's schemes.[24] With the outbreak of World War II, Makkari once more became involved in the affairs of mortal men. During this period, Kro posed as the Greek god of death Pluto and caused chaos across the Earth. At first, Makkari posed as Mercury, possibly due to his past association with the Greek god. As Mercury, he clashed with Kro who posed as the dictator of Prussland and instigated war in Europe. Using his super speed, Mercury prevented weapons and plans from being distributed to the Prussland front, leaving soldiers to remain idle long enough to stop fighting and begin talking to each other instead of fighting. Clashing with Pluto, Mercury sent him fleeing into the night.[12][1]

Makkari (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 1 0001

Makkari as the Hurricane

Makkari shortly abandoned his Mercury guise settling on being called Hurricane, and leaving mortals to believe that he was the son of the thunder god Thor while continuing to seek out "cousin Pluto", referring to Kro as a relative likely to protect the guarded secret behind the existence of the Eternals and Deviants. He operated in human society under the guise of Harry Kane.[7][1]

Relocating to Coast City, Hurricane investigated a series of murders perpetrated by mobster Piggy Perroni, finding that he was employed by a "Paul Sayden", one of Kro's many disguises.[6] Shortly after, after the outbreak of a "Green Plague" in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil, Hurricane -suspecting Kro's involvement- accompanied scientists Ruth Holden and Ralph Rand to try and cure the disease. There, Hurricane learned the disease was provided to the Jivaro headhunters by Pluto. Hurricane rescued the scientists from the headhunters who then discovered a cure for the disease.[26] Tracking "Pluto" to Groton City, Hurricane foiled his plot of providing mobster Scarface Rispoli with "death boxes" that caused fatal subway crashes so they could steal the possessions of the dead. Defeating Kro in a one-on-one fight, Hurricane sent the Deviant into hiding once again. However, Makkari decided to continue operating as Hurricane for a time still.[27]

As Hurricane he stopped the descendants of natives trained by pirate John Cruthers,[7] foiled a counterfeiting plot by businessmen plotting to force a second stock market crash in order to purchase property cheaply,[28] and exposed the Menace murder of boarding house members to try to find a lost family fortune.[29] In the summer of 1941, Hurricane lent his speed to help those affected by a massive tidal wave created by the Sub-Mariner that struck New York.[30]

The biggest change to Makkari's life during this period came when he saved unassuming cigar store salesman Solidus Scriggles from a protection racket. Solidus (nicknamed "Speedy" by Makkari) joined Makkari as his sidekick.[31] During his time with Speedy, there was no evidence that he revealed his true nature to Speedy, likely leaving him to believe that Hurricane was the son of Thor.

Operating independently as Hurricane for the last time, Makkari exposed Midvale newspaper owner John Smithers as the mob leader.[32] With Speedy at his side, he exposed millionaire Lionel van Devanter for attempting to force Star Construction out of business so his own construction company could flourish.[33] In his last recorded adventure Makkari and Speedy protected heiress Florence Grey from mobsters sent to assassinate her by her uncle Lew Grey.[34]

In 1943, Makkari was among a number of heroes who were slain by the Cosmic Cube wielding Red Skull and impaled on a massive wall.[35] However, the Cube was recovered by Private Paul Anselm who resurrected all the slain heroes who aided the combined efforts of the Invaders and the time-displaced New Avengers and Mighty Avengers. When the Skull was defeated, the heroes used the Cube to wipe Makkari's memories of the event to preserve history.[36]


Makkari met a young Elvis Presley and taught him a few guitar tricks.[17]

In 1956, he joined the Explorers' Club and formed a team with Ulysses Bloodstone and Doctor Druid called the Monster Hunters.[8] One of their first adventures as a team was to take down Gorgilla who was sent to New York City by the Deviant Kro. They tracked the creature throughout the city and tried to capture him at Yankee Stadium. They failed and the trial lead them to the Statue of Liberty and Doctor Druid used his powers to calm the beast so they could return it to the wild.[37] They traveled to Midnight Mountain to return the creature but they was attacked by the Lizard Men. But with the help of Gorgilla, they were able to fight them off.[38] Makkari was kidnapped in the fight. They traveled deep beneath the Earth to find the layer of Kro. They freed their friend but Kro escaped when they was set upon by Kro's mutates allowing him time to escape.[39]

In 1958, Makkari and the Monster Hunters traveled to a Long Island research center, where they meet the newly formed team called the First Line.They were then attacked by a series of mutated humans who had been turned into monster by a Skrulls device.[4] Makkari, on the insistence of his old friend Pixie, joined the First Line under the new name Major Mercury.[9]


In the 1960s he went by the alias Frank Harper. He was on vacation on the island of Napuka when a volcano erupted and a creature arose from within it, the "Molten Man-Thing" as it was later named by the press. It was covered in lava so its true form was never revealed. He lured it into a wind tunnel at a local airbase. The noise and wind scared the beast into returning back to its subterranean home.[5][8]

Modern Era[]

When the Fourth Host of Celestials arrived on Earth, Sersi alerted Makkari to the Deviants' attack on New York City shortly before being captured herself. With Zuras' blessing, Makkari and Thena helped defend the city against the attackers.[10] He was amongst the group who revealed the races' existence to Professor Samuel Holden.[40]

Makkari (Earth-616) from All-New Invaders Vol 1 13

As the Fourth Host's verdict drew near, Makkari and the Eternals joined forces with the Mighty Thor in planning to oppose Arishem's judgment. They were opposed by the Forgotten One and the united Asgardian and Olympian Gods, due to an oath sworn back during the Third Host. Makkari battled his counterpart Mercury during the melee.[41][42]

Makkari and the Eternals using their combined powers create a foundation for Black Bolt to hide the city of Attilan in a hidden trench located in the Himalayas.[43]

Makkari and the ruling Eternals were kidnapped by Kro and the Deviants and held in suspended animation until saved by Iron Man who stumbled on to the city in the Himalayas.[44][45]

When the Eternals of Earth chose to leave the planet and explore space, Makkari was one of a small band who remained behind.[46] He became chief administrator of Olympia in the absence of Domo.[47] Makkari joined Ikaris and his allies in trying to stop Warlord Kro from raiding the Pyramid of the Winds.[48] They were unsuccessful in trying to stop the Priest-Lord Ghaur from acquiring the essence of the Dreaming Celestial, and thus assuming the power of a Celestial himself. Makkari and the Eternals joined forces with the West Coast Avengers to stop Ghaur from freeing the true Dreaming Celestial.[49]

Makkari alongside the Eternals were attacked by the High Evolutionary when he came to study the DNA of the powerful offshoots of humanity.[50]


Eternals Vol 3 2 Romita Jr

Makkari spent some time in deep meditation training to transfer more of his cosmic power into pure speed, making him the fastest Eternal alive. He became best friends with the Cosmic Avenger Quasar after helping rescued his Eternal teacher, Master Elo from the Deviant city of Lemuria.[51] Makkari was chosen among the fastest superhumans on Earth to participate in a race held by the Elder of the Universe known as the Runner. He came in a close second, after the last-minute arrival of a strange visitor whose name was "Buried Alien", or something like that.[14]

After Operation: Galactic Storm, Quasar was getting ready to leave the Earth so he could survey and possibly aid the remaining survivors of the Kree homeworld of Hala and Makkari asked if he could come along, craving adventure.[19] While out in space, Makkari met the Order of Mourners and came across a planet where the inhabitants were dedicated to ultimate speed. He remained behind to learn their secrets of speed to improve his abilities further.[52] He later re-qualified to race the Runner again on another alien world, and actually beat the Elder this time.[53]

The Saga of the Dreaming Celestial[]

After the first superhuman civil war, Makkari, along with all the Eternals, had his life changed and her memories tampered with, having no knowledge of the powers he possessed nor any recollection of his past activities on Earth. During this time, he was living in New York City as a medical student before rediscovering his powers and identity. Sprite, who had been behind the Eternals amnesia due to his wish to live a human life and grow up, caused his body to shut down by tricking him into attempting to harm the Dreaming Celestial, something that no Eternal could do. While he was in this state, the Dreaming Celestial contacted him, and a group of Deviants used him to wake the Celestial, who proclaimed Makkari as its prophet, bringing him out of his coma to tell the other Eternals, as well as the Humans and Deviants, that it was awake and monitoring them in preparation for its judgment.[54]

Eternals Vol 3 3 Textless

After that, he rekindled his past relationship with Sersi and the two moved in together.[55] Still, not everything was perfect, as Makkari's recurring sessions with the Dreaming Celestial were taking a toll on him and making Sersi worry for her loved one's well-being.[56] After having enough of it, she finally decided to confront the Celestial, determined to find the reason for this deadly bond. And, despite almost getting killed, the Celestial revealed that Makkari had been chosen as his link to humanity before the arrival of The Horde, and she too was part of its grand plan: She was the one who had to protect Makkari.[20]

Eternals Vol 4 2 Textless

When Makkari was killed, Sersi, knowing she had failed her mission pushed her powers to the limit by transmuting her own body into a perfect replica of Makkari and then replacing his conscious with her own.[57] Thanks to Sersi, the connection with the Celestial was restored, which eventually led to the Horde's defeat by the intervention of The Fulcrum, a cosmic entity above even the Celestials themselves.[58]

Death of the Dreaming Celestial[]

The death of the Dreaming Celestial greatly affected Makkari. After he was chopped up, he looked through the detritus, looking for the smallest glimpse of life, but he was gone. With this realization, he mourned and lost hope. The arrival of the Dark Celestials was the last drop, and he despaired, having turned against his kind or committed suicide.[59][21]

Makkari (Earth-616) from Eternals Celestia Vol 1 1 Blake Variant
After his resurrection,[23] Makkari changed sexes into a woman. Still not over the loss of Dreaming Celestial, she spent all of her resources trying to somehow reach the dead Celestial, but she was unsuccessful, losing her speech, hearing, and even telepathic abilities in the process.[21]


Power Grid[62]
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Makkari is one of the Eternals of Earth, genetically engineered from early man by the Celestials.

Earth-Eternal Physiology: Like all Eternals, her lifeforce is augmented by cosmic energy and she has total mental control over her physical form and bodily processes even when she is asleep or unconscious. As a result, Makkari is unable to die by aging and is resistant to diseases and toxins to an unknown degree. Her cosmically reinforced body is virtually indestructible as well. Only a cosmic force more powerful than her own or total molecular disintegration can truly injure Makkari. An Eternal can only die through an injury that disperses a significant portion of their body molecules, or if they are injured after their mental control over their body is somehow broken.[citation needed]

  • Superhuman Strength: Makkari possesses superhuman strength able to lift at least 30 tons under normal conditions.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Speed: Makkari has devoted the majority of her Eternal energies to the improvement of her personal speed. She can create cyclones by running in circles, and can run up walls and across water. At one point in her life, Makkari trained with the Eternal guru Elo to boost her speed to unprecedented levels. She was successful in becoming faster than ever before (her body apparently generated tachyons as a side effect of her extreme velocity) but at the cost of many of her other Eternal abilities, such as flight, matter manipulation, and energy projection.[51] After Sprite's treachery, Makkari regained her other traditional Eternal powers, and is not limited to speed alone.[60]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Cosmic energy bolsters Makkari's metabolism so that she does not tire from any physical exertion.[citation needed]
  • Flight: Makkari can levitate herself by mentally manipulating gravitons (subatomic particles carrying the force of gravitational attraction between atoms) around himself. She can also levitate other persons and objects, even while simultaneously levitating herself.[citation needed]
  • Psionics: Makkari can mentally create illusions to disguise herself, and psionically manipulate atoms and molecules so as to transform an object's shape. Her talents in these areas are relatively limited, however. Makkari mostly uses her psionic powers to mentally operate the vehicles she races, or channels her power through larger machines to assemble the vehicles as she designs them.[citation needed]
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Makkari can project cosmic energy in the form of optic blasts or beams and flashes from her hands. This cosmic energy, stored in specialized enclaves of cells in her body, can be used as force, heat, light, and possibly other forms of electromagnetic energy.[citation needed]
  • Teleportation: Makkari can teleport herself psionically, but prefers not to do so, since, like other Eternals, she finds the self-teleportation process physically unpleasant. She can also teleport other people along with himself.[citation needed]
In the Golden Age (then known as Hurricane) she was able to make people and vehicles grow wings, but they vanish after a period of time.[citation needed]


Makkari is a genius in creating, designing, and operating vehicles and other modes of transport.[citation needed]



Makkari sometimes wears a protective crash helmet, though she does not truly need it. She wears synthetic stretch fabric, specially treated to resist the rigors of high-velocity movement.[citation needed]


Flight under her own power, as well as access to the Eternals' arsenal of advanced ships.[citation needed]


Makkari (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 8 0001

Makkari's former appearance

  • For most of Makkari's publishing history, Makkari was a white male. Shortly prior to the release of the Eternals movie, it was revealed that it is common for Eternals to change their appearances (and/or gender) upon their rebirth every 20 or 25,000 years or so.[23] This was used to change Makkari's gender and appearance to better match that of Makkari's Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart.
    • A similar thing happened to the Eternals Sprite and Ajak.
    • In addition, Makkari is also now deaf, non-speaking, and unable to telepathically communicate with her fellow Eternals, so she uses sign language like her MCU counterpart. Ajak points out in her head that Makkari could easily use the rebirthing machine to restore herself, but Ajak assumes Makkari has personal reasons not to.[21]
  • The Eternal Makkari first appeared in Eternals #5. However, retcons from the Marvel Universe series established that Makkari previously appeared during the Golden Age of Marvel as two different speedsters, Mercury of Red Raven Comics and Hurricane of Captain America Comics.
  • The spelling "Makarri" was used throughout the original Eternals series. It became "Makkari" with Thor #287, and has become the standard spelling in the years since.
  • Makkari's exact age has be reportedly differently over the years.
    • Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #6 stated Makkari was only about 500 years old. This has been contradicted many times by stories published before and after that Handbook, particularly references to him being mistaken for Hermes/Mercury in topical ancient Greece or Rome.
    • In Quasar #19, Makkari told Quasar he was roughly 4,500 years old or "four and a half", since Eternals only celebrate birthdays once a millennium.
    • Both the half-amnesiac Ikaris and the scheming Sprite stated Makkari was more than 500,000 years old in Eternals (Vol. 3), which featured many short-lived retcons.
    • With Gillen's relaunch, Makkari was established to be 1 million years old, like every other Eternal.[22]

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