Mako is the first Atlantean test tube baby, grown from the cells of various water-breathing villains that have been in and out of Atlantian custody over the years. Mako's DNA is a mixture of Attuma, Orka, Meranno and Tyrak.

He was one of the new Young Masters recruits.[1] Mako was present when they adopted their new base, and accompanied the team to check on the corpse of Bullseye, where they were attacked by Lady Bullseye, who was forced to kill Mako when he continued to attack her.[2]

Mako somehow turned up alive as he was seen with the Young Masters as members of the Shadow Council's Masters of Evil.[3]


Has the combined powers of Attuma, Orka, Meranno, and Tyrak.


Presumably, the same weaknesses of Attuma, Orka, Meranno, and Tyrak.

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