Makoth was one of the scientists of Randac. Hesitant on the use of the Terrigen Mist, he witnessed Randac undergoing the first Terrigenesis (while his colleague feared the results of such experiment).[2]

Along with his colleague, he greated the Sentry 459, learned about the origin history of the Inhumans (and the reason of their advance upon Homo sapiens), and witnessed as Randac attacked the Sentry (in order to demonstrate his powers), who christened their species as Inhumans and warned them that the next time they would encounter the Kree, they might be their foes, before leaving.[3]

Karnak stated that Randac had in fact pursued the work of the Kree. The opposition on the use of the Terrigen was not on the risk carried by the potent chemical, but on the dilemma about complying to their Kree-created destinies.[4]

Makoth died at some point.[1]

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