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Milennia ago, the sorceress Malachi and her lover Korahn sought out immortality, and found it in the form of Agamotto's Moebius Stone. They were confronted and slain by Agamotto's guardian, which ended up fragmenting the Moebius Stone, scattering it across the known world. Malachi survived due to a fragment and was soon set on obtaining the others.

She has located a fragment within the hilt of a sword in Chicago, in the Museum of Art. After confronting and escaping Dr. Druid and his Secret Defenders, she revitalized herself by draining the life energies of a teenage boy only to discover another fragment of the stone in a nearby graveyard. Again, Malachi was confronted by the Secret Defenders who resurrected Cody Fleischer, the teenager she had slain. Malachi found the final fragment, restoring the Moebius Stone and caused worldwide aging and and loss of vitality. She revived her long-dead lover Korahn, who shocked Malachi by informing her that he preferred death to immortality. While distracted, Deadpool stabbed Malachi through the chest and Doctor Druid destroyed the Moebius Stone.[1]

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Malachi is an accomplished and resourceful sorceress, she could control magical energy and manipulate it to create various effects from animating objects, projecting mystical blasts, mind control and flight. That just being a small portion of her powers.

While possessing the Moebius Stone she maintains her youth and vitality indefinitely by draining the life force of others'. With the complete Moebius stone in her possession she could manipulate life forces across the entire world, being capable of aging, de-aging, and raising the dead anyone.

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