The men known as Knight & Fogg were old friends who liked to bully fellow youngsters around them for fun while growing up in Liverpool. While Fogg had a drunk father as motivation to be a bully, Knight just went along with his only friend's antics; his sense of honor clouded by Fogg's violent nature. Years later, they became contract killers in Liverpool; on one occassion, they were hired by a Liverpool mobster to kill one Henry Lewis, a physicist, who, while gambling and owing money, had been working on a particle-wave theory. While killing Lewis, Knight & Fogg accidentally triggered an explosion in Lewis' machinery, and were transformed into super-human killers.

After being hired by the Kingpin, and succeeding in killing the Arranger, Fisk's failing right-hand man, Spider-Man took to stopping the killers. After going overseas and confronting the duo, Knight eventually turned on his partner Fogg, under the impression that his brother Leo was killed by his old friend. Spider-Man stopped both of them from doing further harm by incapacitating them. The duo's present whereabouts are unknown, although it is probably safe to say they are in prison for their numerous crimes.[citation needed]


Knight is a "medeival man of armor" (That is, he can transform into a large armored form with great resistence to harm and with swords that extends from his gauntlets.)


None known.

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