The Convergence

Five thousand years ago, a cosmic event known as "the Convergence" occurred. The leader of the Dark Elves at the time, Malekith sought to use this event as a chance to release the Aether, a force of extreme power that was created before the universe existed. Malekith's goal was to plunge the Nine Realms into an eternal darkness. However, before Malekith could achieve his goal, the Asgardians led by All-Father Bor intervened, and took the Aether. Thus, a battle with the Dark Elves began.

On the verge of defeat, Malekith sacrificed his own army so that he, Algrim, and other Dark Elves may escape. They escaped Svartalfheim on a Dark Elf warship to somewhere deep in space, where they remained in hibernation for another five millennia.

The Aether Resurfaces

It is now the year 2013, and Malekith awakens having felt the call of the Aether. He announces to all the Dark Elves, that have just woke up as well, that the Aether has awoken them, and that the Convergence returns. Sensing that the Aether is in Asgard, Malekith sends his second-in-command, Algrim to infiltrate Asgard and cause a commotion in the dungeons, so that the guards will be distracted when the rest of the Dark Elves enter through front gates of the city.

After Algrim had successfully completed his task, the Dark Elves invaded Asgard. After a few aerial battles, the ship in which Malekith was in crashed into the throne room. The Dark Elves battled the Asgardians in the throne room, while Malekith made his way to Frigga's chambers, in order to extract the Aether from Jane Foster, whom the Aether has made its host. He meets Jane and Frigga in her chambers, and introduces himself. Frigga then attacks Malekith in order to protect Jane. A battle then ensues, with Malekith emerging as victor. Malekith then goes to retrieve Jane, but then he finds out she was just an illusion created by Frigga. He calls Frigga a "witch", then Algrim stabs her. Thor sees this, so he blasts the right side of Malekith's face, out of anger. Algrim then grabs Malekith, and he hastily carries him towards the balcony. Thor throws his hammer at them, and they fall of the balcony. However, they land on Malekith's warship, which then flies up in the air and becomes invisible.

The Dark World

Hours later, Malekith is shown to be healing while his warship hovers over Asgard, still invisible. The next day, Malekith awakens, now with half his face completely burned. Algrim tells him that they must strike Asgard now, but Malekith tells him that the Aether has returned to Svartalfheim.

A few hours later, now in Svartalfheim, Malekith, Algrim, and a group of other Dark Elves see Thor, Loki, and Jane atop a cliff. They see a scuffle, Loki stabbing Thor, and falling down a cliff. Loki delivers Thor and Jane to Malekith, but Thor retaliates, he summons Mjolnir, but Loki cuts Thor's hand off. Loki then throws Jane to Malekith's feet, and offers a bargain. Loki will give Jane to them, but Malekith must spare him, "to give him a seat where he can watch Asgard burn". Malekith agrees when Algrim tells him that Loki was a prisoner in Asgard.

With The Power of the Aether

Malekith then turns to Thor, and tells him to watch as he summons the Aether out of Jane. However, as Malekith is absorbing the Aether, Thor reveals Loki's "betrayal" was just a ruse, and that his hand wasn't cut off. Thor zaps the Aether with lighting, and there is a small explosion. Thor's attack was a failure, because it is revealed that the Aether can regenerate itself. Malekith then absorbs the Aether, and a fight ensues between Thor and Algrim, and the Dark Elves and Loki, while Malekith makes his escape.

The next day, Malekith arrives in Midgard, at the point where the Convergence is supposed to take place. His ship crashes through, and the Dark Elves invade, with Malekith leading the charge. Malekith is confronted by Thor at the Convergence site. They battle, hitting each other through portals that send them to different locations. Their battle sends them to Svartalfheim, Jotunheim, and back to Midgard. With Malekith getting more and more powerful due to the increasing power of the Aether, Thor resorts to using devices that Jane and Erik Selvig created. The devices send some of Malekith's limbs back to Svartalfheim, but the Aether grew Malekith's limbs back. However, the final device sends all of Malekith back to Svartalfheim, where he lay on the ground unconscious. Moments later, to Malekith's shock, his warship teleported directly above in. It slowly fell on top of him, crushing and killing him. The Aether then left his deceased body.


Dark elf warship

Christopher Eccleston portrays Malekith in Thor: The Dark World.

The version featured in the Movie Tie-In Comic "Citadel of Spires" more resembles the main universe's than the one featured in Thor: The Dark World.

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