Malekith was seen invading Asgard at some point in the past during the Odinsleep.[1] Later, Malekith along with a human expedition in the Arctic located Odin's hiding place for the Casket of Ancient Winters on the orders of Loki. Loki released Malekith from the Realm of the Dead with the help of Amora the Enchantress. When Enchantress and Executioner met Malekith to retrieve the Casket, he used the power on them, freezing them to the spot. Malekith used the weapon "to see if it's the true casket," unleashing a harsh everlasting winter on Midgard.

The Avengers; Thor, Iron Man, and Black Panther then encountered Malekith. After freezing Thor, Malekith stated that his plan was to release the other dead Dark Elves and make Midgard their new home. Malekith then unleashed his hounds on the Avengers.

Through the battle, Iron Man finally freed Thor from the ice as he attacked Malekith. The Avengers with advice from Black Panther attempted to combine their powers of magic and science, Thor uses Mjoiner and strikes lightning on Iron Man's armor to take down Malekith.

Thor then closed the Casket, reversing its effects across the planet. Before they could secure the Casket, Enchantress and Executioner thawed-out and stole it from the Avengers, and disappeared with her magic.[2]


Seemingly those of the Malekith of Earth-616.


Any type of metal weaken him including vibranium and iron


Casket of Ancient Winters (formerly)

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