Malibu House
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Malibu House
Runaways Malibu Dream Home[1]
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The former residence of the Stein family. When Chase was younger, the family moved out of it and the home became a safehouse for The Pride.[2] The Malibu House was one of the few properties belonging to the Pride that remained unseized by the F.B.I.[2]

When the Runaways left New York City to return to Los Angeles, the Leapfrog directed them to the Malibu House. After battling the Security Daemons, the Runaways began using it as their new headquarters.[2]

The Malibu House was eventually destroyed by a fire set under the direction of a U.S. Army commander to destroy the evidence of his smuggling. Fortunately, all of the Runaways were able to escape in a new Leapfrog.[3]

Victor Mancha cleaning the Leapfrog on the roof of the Malibu House

Runaways Malibu Dream Home!

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