Mallory Book is a barracuda lawyer with supermodel looks. She's known as "The face that never lost a case."[6]

Early Life

As a young woman, Mallory Book won the "Ms. Utah" competition. She went on to graduate magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and served as a senior editor of the BYU Law Review.[5]

Goodman, Liever , Kurtzberg & Holliway

Mallory Book (Earth-616) from She-Hulk Vol 1 1 001

Mallory Book arguing a case against She-Hulk

Book eventually moved to New York City and was hired by Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway specializing in legal services covering all aspects of superhuman law. While working for GLK&H, Book achieved the record for the longest string of courtroom victories, a fact that won her the title "The face that never lost a case."[7] As part of the GLK&H team, Book tried or settled cases against Doctor Strange[5] and Yellowjacket.[8] Unfortunately, Book's courtroom winning streak ended when she lost a case defending Hercules against Constrictor.[9]

After GLK&H hired Jen Walters, Book and Walters had an on-again-off-again rivalry/friendship.[10][11]

Book was one of the many GLK&H employees injured during Titania's attack on Timely Plaza.[3] Mallory was severely injured during the attack,[12] and took several months to fully recover.[13] During her recovery, Awesome Andy secretly assisted her with her physical training and began to develop a crush on her.[14]

Two-Gun Kid & Awesome Andy

Following the rebuilding of Timely Plaza, GLK&H came under the supervision of Artie Zix and began defending supervillains. Book successfully had her case defending Boomerang and Ox against Young Avengers Stature and Vision.[15]

Although Mallory was starting to develop a crush on the Two-Gun Kid,[4] she came under the influence of Starfox's powers forcing her to fall in love with Awesome Andy, reciprocating his feelings.[13] Embarrassed by her brief tryst with Awesome Andy, Mallory pursued her authentic desires to begin a relationship with the Two-Gun Kid.[16]

Mallory Book (Earth-616) from She-Hulk Vol 2 16 001

Mallory Book dealing with the fallout of her "relationship" with Awesome Andy

With her reputation bruised,[17] Book took on a case defending The Leader. Book successfully freed The Leader under the argument that his villainous actions were all under the influence of Gamma Radiation.[18] This high-profile win brought Book notoriety and a huge influx of win clients to GLK&H.[19] Because of this, Book was offered the partner seat that previously belonged to Holden Holliway.[20]

Destroying She-Hulk

While working together on a case defending Dark Art, She-Hulk lost control and attacked their client leading to her being disbarred and fired from GLK&B.[21] Three month later, She-Hulk asked Mallory to came Allentown in Pennsylvania to represent her client Larry Ryan.[22] At some point, Mallory became the chairwoman and leader of Fourth Wall Enterprises and started plans to destroy She-Hulk.[2]

Impressed by her work with Freeman Bonding Incorporated, Book reached out to She-Hulk to help her regain her law license and offer her a position at GLK&B.[23] She-Hulk turned down the offer, but because Book was impressed by her actions, she cancelled all of Fourth Wall Enterprises' plans to destroy She-Hulk.[2]

Further Clients

Mallory Book reached out to the Spider-Girls to offer her legal assistance in suing Teri Hillman.[24]

Mallory Book was seen with a disguised Mystique in a bar in the Lowtown neighborhood of Madripoor. However, no other details about this endeavor are known.[25]


  • Mallory Book is an excellent lawyer.[7][11]

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