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Mama Limbo was a powerful and respected Mamaloi (Voodoo Priestess) who desired to regain her youth. Learning of Elizabeth Bathory's method of rejuvenating from Bathory's diary, Mama Limbo set up the Cult of the Dark Lord with her son Dresmond Drew a.k.a. Black Talon, using her abilities to make her son's lack. She had the cultists bring her virgins so she could bathe in their blood. She helped direct Brother Voodoo to the Castle of the Forsaken so that the cult would be able to ambush him. When she overeagerly attempted to claim Loralee Tate, she was crushed by a giant cross that Brother Voodoo broken free of. Her death caused the cultists to turn on her son and kill her.

Powers and Abilities


Mama Limbo could create a fearsome foggy image, create mist and see visions.



She wields a cane.

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