Mamalu is a member of the Vodū pantheon gods worshiped by the indigenous populations of Western Africa, she was specifically worshiped by tribes located in the jungles of the Congo. Her worshipers were often driven mad and offered Mamalu sacrifices. However by the 1950s the jungle adventurer known as Lorna the Jungle Queen and others managed to convince the tribes that Mamalu was not real, not realizing that she was real. This lack of faith apparently removed her power over most of her followers.

However, in 1954 one of her followers a tribal leader named Kabu sought to sacrifice himself to her in order to become her mate. He built an alter to Mamalu and got some of his people to resume their worship Mamalu. Believing that the locals no worshiped Lorna in her place, Mamalu manifested on Earth and sought to eliminate Lorna, driving Kabu and his people mad and sending them after her. Kabu and the first wave of attackers died when they ran off a cliff chasing after Lorna. When Lorna was found by her friend Greg Knight, Mamalu appeared before them and her followers took them prisoner. Mamalu intended to sacrifice Lorna and take Greg Knight as her mate.

However, before she could succeed in these tasks, Kabu returned to life having become angry at learning that he was rejected as Mamalu's mate in favor of Knight. Kabu interrupted the ceremony and with a presumably mystical blade stabbed Mamalu in the chest killing her. Kabu fell dead shortly thereafter and his people were freed from her influence.[1]


Like other members of the Vodu race, Mamalu is nearly immortal and is immune to aging, disease, or illness. Only through the major disbursal of her molecules can she be killed. Her body mass is 3 times denser than a regular human being and could likely lift at least 20 tons (the average strength level for a female Vodu goddess).[2]

She has command over mystical forces and can use them for a variety of different effects. To date she has displayed the ability to instill berserker madness in the minds of those who worship her, teleport, project multiple spiritual constructs of herself, and summon fire at will.[1]

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