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Layla was a voodoo priestess as well as the secretary of businessman Simon Garth with whom she was secretly in love. After he was killed by his gardener Gyps, Layla was forced to turn Garth into a zombie. She called upon Damballah, the serpent god who is the most powerful of the Loa (the gods of voodoo), and with the aid of matching talismans, resurrected the corpse of her former employer as a mindless zombie.[1]

She encountered Garth again as a masterless Zombie when he attacked her voodoo cultists during a ritual. She decided to help him and lay his soul to rest.[2] She was heavily injured by Garth who was under the control of Fred Miller.[3] Realizing that she would not survive this injury, she asked her voodoo teacher, Papa Doc Kabel, to perform a ritual transferring her life force into Garth, granting him one more day as a human. Layla died as a result of the ritual.[4]

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