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Liz Allan showed Peter Parker a listing for an apartment that Mamie Muggins was renting in Chelsea, New York City. Muggins presented the apartment to Peter and he accepted.[1]

After that night, Mamie Muggins was Peter Parker's landlady for a long time. Her husband, Barney, was the superintendent of the building. Mrs. Muggins' pretty niece Candi lived in the apartment across from Peter's with two other attractive girls, Randi and Bambi.[2]

Mrs. Muggins frequently cornered Peter to try to collect his usually late rent and often complained about the loud noises she heard coming from his apartment, which were often related to his secret identity as Spider-Man.



None, human.


  • Mrs. Muggins' husband, Barney, was frequently mentioned but never seen until the party Peter and MJ celebrated at his apartment just after getting married and moving to Bedford Towers.[3]

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