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The Man-Serpents were the Elderspawn[9] offspring of Ishiti, daughter of Set.[5][4]

Hisssarlion, a Serpent-Man and high priest of Set, stated that there was only a race of serpent-things, but for reasons unknown they split into two distinct races, two Snake-People, the Man-Serpents with their mask-like human faces and serpentine hair, and the Serpent-Men, humanoid snake-headed creatures,[3] spawn of Set's son Sligguth.[4]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

While the Serpent-Men became served by the early men, the Man-Serpents tended to be more reclusive (though both species were seen alongside in their apparent demise).

Eventually, a Pict shaman found about the weakness of both races: the sentence Ka Nama Kaa Lajerama. Using it, Men overthrew the Serpent-Men, and slew the Man-Serpents. They believe to have won a total victory, but unknown to them, both races survived, the Man-Serpents going in hiding while the Serpent-Men learned to hypnotically disguise themselves as humans.[3]

Hyborian Age

Though most men forgot the Serpent-Men and Man-Serpents after the Great Cataclysm,[3] the legends of man-headed serpents reached Nemedia, making of those creatures sons of Set came from Stygia.[1] They were whispered about in Kheshatta, City of Magicians of Stygia.[2]

Eventually, Thoth-Amon, a wizard from Stygia became master of both Snake-People.[3]

While the Serpent-Men all went to Thulsa Doom,[10] the Man-Serpents, less adventurous, remained in Thoth-Amon's service,[3] including Ssarbaarix, Mehennassar, Nuubissat, Hotephaaph, and Thefertaash.[10]

Powers and Abilities


At least some of the Man-Serpents can perform mind-call to mesmerize their preys.[2][10]

The little snakes forming the Man-Serpent's "hair" are venomous.[10]


Like their Serpent-Men cousins, the Man-Serpents fear the sentence Ka Nama Kaa Lajerama.[10]



Ssarbaarix,[10] Sschaaron,[10] Mehennassar,[10] Nuubissat,[10] Hotephaaph,[10] Thefertaash[10]


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