Amadeus Cho discovered a Man-Thing on a mysterious island in the Savage Land and concluded that it could not be Ted Sallis based on the fact that it appeared to have been rooted in the same spot for a long time, and other inconsistencies with reports from the Thunderbolts' files on the creature. The native tribe on the island used the life blood of the Man-Thing to resurrect Shanna.[1]

During the Empyre's invasion of Earth, a unit of the plant-based alien race called the Cotati invaded the Savage Land in an attempt to harness its power. In the process, they summoned and took control of the Savage Land's Man-Thing.[2] A group of heroes dispatched to stop the Cotati included Doctor Voodoo, who used magic when he was physically incapacitated to take over Man-Thing's mind and turn him against the Cotati.[3] Even after separating himself from Man-Thing, the creature stayed on the heroes' side since its link between it and the Cotati had been broken. Following the defeat of the Cotati unit, Man-Thing silently shambled away.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Man-Thing Physiology: is a being composed of vegetable matter after being injected with the SO-2 Serum.
    • Malleability: He is also able to pass through many fences by oozing through the gaps in doors. He can also shape and elongate his limbs to grab people or create blade like weapon from a bark like material.
    • Superhuman Strength: he posses a level of super-strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: Its porous form is resistant to most physical attacks because it is not entirely solid; a fist or a bullet will usually pass right through it.
    • Healing: life blood of the Man-Thing could resurrect people including Shanna.[1]

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