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Quote1 So, we're all friends now -- and our job is to set right the cosmic axis. Quote2
Jennifer Kale

Appearing in "Battle for the Palace of the Gods!"

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  • Overmaster's Car (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Battle for the Palace of the Gods!"

Story continued from Fear #19.... At the F. A. Schist Construction Camp, Man-Thing, Korrek and Howard the Duck are confronted by demons that are followers of the "Overmaster" who seeks to take over all of existence. Fighting a losing battle against the neigh indestructible demons, the trio are saved by a last minute intervention by Dakimh, who asks them to join him in stopping the Overmaster.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Kale is a prisoner of the Congress of Realities, who are waiting for the arrival of the Overmaster to execute her. When the Overmaster arrives he orders his men to execute her, however they fail to do so when a dimensional shift causes Daredevil and Black Widow to briefly appear in the room and disarm her executioners. Jennifer is suddenly turned into water and leaks between the floor boards and rematerializes in between realms where Dakimh and the others are waiting for her. Explaining that they need to realign the Nexus of All Realities, the foursome begin to hop across the dimensional path, however Howard trips and falls into the dimensional void. In order not to lose any more of his companions, Dakimh creates a helmet of protection for Korrek. When the trio arrive at the center of the nexus, they succeed in realigning it, however it also gives the Overmaster and his Congress of Realities access to the realm of Therea, where they hope to kill the Gods that reside there and take over.

Travelling to Therea themselves, Dakimh and the others stop the Overmaster's armies progression to the palace of Therea. There the Overmaster unmasks himself, revealing him to be the demon Thog. The Man-Thing battles Thog and his minions, burning those who fear him, and when Thog becomes afraid of plunging into the moat of Therean water, Man-Thing grabs him and he begins to burn as well. With his hands melting, Thog tries to break free, and ends up falling in the moat of pure water, which seemingly kills him. With their master defeated, the Congress and it's armies retreat back from whence they came.

After the battle, when the others wonder why the gods of Therea didn't help in the battle, Dakimh shows that they never lived in the castle at all, but in the village below, and that the God's of this realm are two dogs under the care of two farmers. When the Man-Thing touches one of the dogs, they are all shown the full of reality before all being sent to their respective homes.


  • Cover art: pencils and inks by Brunner, colors by Wein.[1]

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