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Continued from Man-Thing #9... Carrying the unconscious body of Ezekiel Tork through the swamp so that Zeke can get medical help for his ailing wife, the Man-Thing must battle snakes and an apparition of Zeke's wife in the form of Medusa that block their path to the mainland. When the creature is destroyed by Man-Thing, Zeke's wife Maybelle revives briefly thinking that Zeke abandoned her once more.

Zeke revives and tells the Man-Thing the story of his relationship with Maybelle and how they decided to live in the swamp away from others, and how Maybelle never liked his dog. Travelling to the mainland, Zeke and Man-Thing end up at a diner where Zeke tries to get the people inside to spare a nickel so that he can call for help. When they start to rough up Zeke for being a yokel swampie, the Man-Thing enters and fights off the attackers. Frightened, the owner gives Zeke the nickle he requires to make a phone call.

Returning to his home with the Man-Thing, they are attacked by a ghostly apperation of his wife which represents all her resentment towards him. The Man-Thing destroys the creature, however the resulting explosion knocks the muck-monster out. When Zeke goes to check on his wife, they are attacked by a demon who has come to take her soul away. However, Dawg gives it's life so that it's masters may live. With Dawg's sacrifice the demon departs, and Maybelle realizes how important Dawg was to Zeke. When the doctor finally arrives to see Maybelle, the Man-Thing revives and returns to the swamp.


  • Plot by Ploog, script by Gerber.
  • Includes Marvel Value Stamp, Series "A", Vol 1 82, Mary Jane Watson

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