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Synopsis for ""Dance to the Murder""

Richard Rory is spending a night in the solitude of the Florida swamps, when he's visited by the Man-Thing. Rory talks about his recent adventures and losses, further lamenting about his life as a total loser. Finishing his story, Richard spies a woman bolting through the swamps.

Going after her, he literally trips over her, and she tries to attack him until the Man-Thing stops her. After Richard stops the Man-Thing from burning her by quelling her fear, they are attacked by a man in a mask, he grazes the woman (Sybil) but the Man-Thing makes short work of him.

On the run, she tells Richard that she was kidnapped while waiting for her brother to pick her up after his dance lessons by masked men who called themselves the Demons of Liberation. Finding a hotel, they try to get a room when they are suddenly cornered by the Demons of Liberation, and their leader.

When they try to attack, the Man-Thing destroys all their weapons. Defeated, the Demons of Liberation are all forced to unmask. All of them are hideously scarred, except for their leader, who turns out to be Sybil's brother. Sybil's brother tells her that they are all former Vietnam veterans, who have been unable to get decent jobs after the war, and that they organized the Demons of Liberation to strike back at the injustices they have endured since after 'Nam.

With Sybil and her brother reconciling, Rory and Man-Thing leave to let them sort things out.


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