Appearing in "Red Sails at 40,000 Feet!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Capt. Matson
  • Lipton, ship owner
  • ship crew
    • Rudy
  • Spinner's team of scientists



  • Captain Fate's Galleon

Synopsis for "Red Sails at 40,000 Feet!"

Wandering onto the loading dock of a shipping yard, the Man-Thing hides in a crate when people happen by, and soon the Man-Thing finds itself loaded aboard a boat and trapped in it's cargo hull. The ship itself has been commissioned by scientist Maura Spinner who is mounting an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle.

Along the way the crew becomes aware of something down in the cargo hold, and when Maura goes down to investigate, she is confronted by the Man-Thing, who is dying now that he is cut off from his environment. Her fear causes his touch to burn, however the crew manages to get her away, and the weakened Man-Thing passes out. The captain and his crew put the creature in a net, suspended over the side of the ship intending to drop the muck-monster at sea. However, Maura manages to talk them out of it.

Once they reach the Bermuda Triangle, they are witness to the materialization of an ancient pirate ship, the ghostly crew then attacks Maura's crew and captures Maura and the Man-Thing before departing for the stars. In the reaches of space, the captain of the ship -- Captain Fate -- explains to Maura that she is their queen. When the Man-Thing breaks free and attacks the pirates, they knock him over-board where he freezes in the vacuum of space.

This story is continued next issue...


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