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Other Characters:

  • Capt. Matson and his crew
  • Spinner's team of scientists


  • Captain Fate's Galleon

Synopsis for "Tower of the Satyr!"

Continued from last issue.... The Man-Thing has been ejected from the pirate ship of Captain Fate over the Earth's atmosphere. The frozen muck-monster re-enters the Earth's atmosphere and crashes into the ocean not far from the ship which Maura Spinner had been abducted from.

Meanwhile, aboard the ship, Captain Fate explains to Maura that she was their queen in the year 1795, that year they had heard of a tower out in the middle of the sea with a sizable treasure inside. Finding the tower and entering it, they found that it's true. However, their arrival awoke the being known as Khordes, who allows them to take the gold in exchange for a woman to be his mate, which would restore the satyr's youth and vitality. Wanting the gold, Fate and his men left Maura behind, however when she refused to be the withered Khordes' mate, she stabbed him with her cutlass and cursed the crew of the Serpents Crown to never reach port. Dying, Khordes granted that wish and also granted Maura with immortality.

Back in the ocean, the Man-Thing's remains have reached the ocean floor, and the muck-monster reconstitutes itself. Drawn to the tower -- which had now sunk to the ocean floor -- and touches the remains of Khordes, causing the tower to rise to the surface once more.

The crew of the Serpents Crown then attack the tower, and are confronted by Khordes, however when Fate tries to kill Khordes, he is shot by the captain of Maura's ship, and Man-Thing fights off the other pirates. Maura decides to honor the bargain she made with Khordes centuries ago. In thanks, Khordes sends Man-Thing back to the swamp, and the tower returns to the ocean floor.


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