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Synopsis for "A Candle for Saint Cloud"

Sainte-Cloud, on the advice of a friend, visits a Citrusville candle shop where she purchases a Man-Thing inspired candle hoping that it will inspire her writing. She is unaware that her unrequited love, Chuck, has paid the candle maker to make the hallucinogenic candle so that he could "come to her rescue" when the candle causes her to hallucinate.

The candle creates all too real hallucinations that cause Cloud to have flashbacks of her brief relationship with Ted Sallis, and how she managed to convince him to be more ethical about what sort of military projects he gets involved in. These episodes end with her being terrorized by the Man-Thing, and burned because she is in a state of fear when he touches her.

She believes the whole thing is just a dream until her blind friend Jeremy is also subject to the hallucinations as well. When Chuck shows up to "rescue" Cloud from the all-to-real hallucination of Man-Thing, he becomes enraged that Jeremy is there and the two come to blows. Chuck is furious that she could love a "freak" like Jeremy, and spurn him, and attractive male. The "Man-Thing" appears and is drawn by Chuck's fear and burns his face.

The hallucination abruptly ends at that point, and in all appearances it looks like that Chuck was burned by the candle, but Cloud isn't entirely sure of this.


  • Flashback story.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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