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Synopsis for "School's Out!"

Continued from last issue... With a mob led by the Mad Viking are on their way to Citrusville High School to burn text books that go against their beliefs, the Man-Thing -- who has believed to have perished in the Citrusville Sewage treatment plant -- survives the experience but now is a creature made of chemical foam.

As the mob gathers books for their burning, Olivia Selby's daughter Carol is confused over why the adults are burning the books. When one of the science teachers tries to intervene, the Mad Viking throws him out of a window, seriously injuring him. As both Richard Rory (recently fired from his job for trying to talk sense into the mob) and Astrid Josefsen arrive to try talk sense into the mob, the "sud-thing" also works its way to the location.

When Rory and Astrid try to talk sense into the mob by appealing to the Mad Viking that she is the product of his upbringing, he strikes her hard enough to snap her neck, killing her. The mob then sets the books ablaze. When the Man-Thing arrive, it attacks the Mad Viking, it's chemical composition dissolving the Viking, killing him. The process also restores the Man-Thing back to normal. The mob, afraid of the Man-Thing flee. Richard Rory, having seen a dark side to Citrusville that has changed his worldview of the town, decides that he needs to leave. He departs with the Man-Thing, however they are joined by Carol Selby, who has equally found herself disenfranchised with the town following the nights madness.



  • The tagline for this issue is "Chaos on the Campus!"

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