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Richard Rory, Carol Selby have taken to the road, and the Man-Thing -- not wishing to return to his swamp -- goes along with them (Unknown to all, the Man-Things recent bath in the Citrusville sewage treatment plant had altered his structure in a way that the bog monster no longer needed to be in close proximity of the swamps). Their travels take them to Atlanta, where Rory and Carol crash for the night in a motel.

The Man-Thing, having been left in Richard's van, suddenly is attracted to the home of Colleen Sanders, who is in the process of running away from her husband and children. As she drives away, she is attacked by the Scavenger, who kisses her. The Man-Thing stops the man, and the two engage in a battle. When the Scavenger cannot defeat the muck-monster he flees to find easier prey. When the neighbors come out and see the Man-Thing at the now-near mindless Colleen, they attack the bog-creature, as he flees the scene as well.

Meanwhile, back at the motel, Richard has found that the Man-Thing is missing and begins to worry about the muck-monster. He also learns that Carol is really under the age of seventeen and as a result is technically guilty of kidnapping. As the Scavenger finds new prey -- a woman working at a donut shop -- he succeeds in getting all he needed from her: with a simple embrace he not only absorbs her memories but her entire being. When the Man-Thing returns to the motel, his appearance frightens the patrons and the owner of the establishment, and Richard and Carol come to calm them down.

Suddenly the Scavenger bursts in to get revenge on the Man-Thing, in his insane frenzy he shows all present that he's cursed with a perfect face. During his fight with the Man-Thing, he gives into fear, and the Man-Thing's touch burns his face. To which the Scavenger mutters a word of thanks.

This story is continued next issue....



  • The tagline for this issue is "Welcome to the Big City, Man-Thing!"

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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