Appearing in "The Nightmare Box"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • motel guests
  • Wilbur Unger, motel desk clerk
  • Paul Jennings, a painter
  • Sage, a model
  • agent of Dakimh stealing the Nightmare Box




Synopsis for "The Nightmare Box"

Continued from last issue... Having been horribly scarred by the Man-Thing, the Scavenger thanks him for doing so. However, when he tests to see if the curse on himself has been listed (by briefly kissing Carol) he finds that it hasn't worked, and so the Scavenger flees to resume his quest for pleasure. The motel owner then kicks Richard and Carol out of the motel because he doesn't want the Man-Thing on his property.

As they are leaving the area, they get into a car crash with a demon which was trying to deliver a Nightmare Box to points unknown. Although Richard and Carol have only suffered superficial injuries, they are rescued from the wreck by the Man-Thing. Richard collects the Nightmare Box from the demon before it's own car explodes. When the police arrive, Richard decides to face the music and turn himself over to the police for "kidnapping" Carol Selby. However, before doing so he gives the Man-Thing the Box. The Man-Thing then departs leaving Richard and Carol to their fates.

Elsewhere painter Paul Jennings has finished a new painting of the Man-Thing for the local newspaper. When he can't figure out what color are the eyes of the editor of the newspaper -- Danielle Nicolle --, he stumbles upon her while she is filling another Nightmare Box with energy from her eyes. When she throws Jennings out of her office, he is suddenly injured when a water main exploded.

As the Man-Thing shambles through Atlanta with the Nightmare Box in hand, he is followed by demons. The creatures try to convince the Man-Thing to turn over the box by disguising themselves as friends of the bog-monster. However, when the Man-Thing refuses, they take on the forms of various super-heroes and intend on taking it by force. The box is knocked out of the Man-Thing's hands, but it is picked up by a mysterious stranger who flees the scene. When the demons chase after the mysterious thief, it causes chaos in the streets.

This story is continued next issue...


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