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Continued from last issue... As demons of Thog run wild in Atlanta, the police try to stop them and the Man-Thing, whom they think are in the same league. The Man-Thing escapes by grabbing onto a police helicopter and crashing outside the home of the Duhls. Roland Duhl is an accountant who is also a pawn of Thog, his wife Elsbeth walks out on him and is captured by the Scavenger. He takes her to his hideout where he explains his life story before killing her in same way he kills all his victims.

Meanwhile, the Man-Thing is attacked by Klonus and Mortak, who had been freed from the mystical cocoons they've been trapped in and returned to Earth. Klonus blasts Man-Thing through the head, which causes a black ichor which kept Ted Sallis' mind nullified to ooze out. Swarmed with the return of his conscious mind and all the memories along with it, the Man-Thing is easily downed by the two warriors from Katharta. With the Man-Thing subdued, Thog appears to begin the final phase in his plot to take over the universe.

This story is concluded next issue....


  • Earliest chronological appearance of the Scavenger; origin revealed in this issue.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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