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Synopsis for ""Pop Goes the Cosmos!""

Continued from Man-Thing #21... Marvel Comics writer Steve Gerber is writing a letter of admission and an explanation that he will no longer be writing the Man-Thing. He explains that in 1972 he was visited by Dakimh the mystic who had chose him to write stories based on the real life exploits of the Man-Thing, and that all the Man-Thing stories were all told to Gerber by Dakimh. He also explains Thog's current plot and how he managed to escape his last imprisonment:
When Dakimh was physically killed by Klonus it causes an eclipse in the realm of the God-Dogs, which allowed Thog to escape his imprisonment. He then plotted to take over the universe by building a tower out of Nightmare Boxes which would be filled with emotional energies collected by his pawns Daniel and Robert Nicole.

Gerber then goes on to explain that the Nightmare Box which was stolen from Atlanta was delivered to his home in New York by a mysterious man.

Shortly after, he is attacked by demons under the rule of Thog, who succeed in collecting the box and suck Gerber into it. He finds himself in another dimension and soon finds the Man-Thing.

The two work together to topple Thog's tower which causes the universe to condense into one moment. There the Man-Thing battles Thog one more time, eventually Thog gives into his fear and is incinerated by the Man-Thing's touch. Dakimh then uses his magical powers to restore the universe to its natural order.

Gerber finishes his letter to his editor by telling him that after he was returned to his apartment in New York where he was thanked by Dakimh for his assistance before he and the Man-Thing departed.


  • Final issue of the series.


  • The tagline for this issue is, "Is This the Day the Man-Thing Dies?"
  • First appearance of writer Steve Gerber as a comic book character.

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