Quote1 No! No! I did not mean for this to happen! I only kill Fools! Quote2
-- Foolkiller

Appearing in "Day of the Killer, Night of the Fool"

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Synopsis for "Day of the Killer, Night of the Fool"

On the site of the F.A. Schist construction site, the Man-Thing recalls how the Slaughter Room device cause him so much pain, so the creature fights through a number of Schist's construction workers in order to destroy it. Meanwhile, with the truth about their stolen money determined, the Skull-Crushers thank Richard and Ruth for their help before leaving the newly formed couple. On the road, the biker gang comes across the Fool-Killer, who determines the entire gang to be fools and kills them all with his laser pistol, but before learning the location of Richard Rory.

As Richard and Ruth are given gas by a helpful stranger, F.A. Schist and Hargood continue to conspire to destroy the Man-Thing. When they are confronted by the Fool-Killer, who gives Schist 24 hours to live but flees to destroy another target: The Man-Thing, when Schist orders his men to grab him. While on the hunt of the Man-Thing (whom the Fool-Killer knows is Ted Sallis) he spots a helicopter, thinking it's one of Schist's, he shoots it down. The downed helicopter draws the Man-Thing to it's location, and saves it's occupants (in reality a family, not people employed by Schist) from a pack of hungry alligators. After the Man-Thing saves their lives, the muck-monster is attacked by the Fool-Killer who seemingly kills the beast with his laser-pistol.

This story is continued next issue...



  • The tagline for this issue is "Death-Winds Across the Everglades!"

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