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Synopsis for "The Old Die Young"

With a looming energy crisis, F. A. Schist is forced to cancel his plans to build an airport in the Florida Everglades, and decides to take up his old hobby of trying to find the Fountain of Youth. Preparing a group of men (with Hargood in tow) the begin exploring the swamps of the Everglades.

Meanwhile, the Man-Thing is attacked by a group of Conquistadors, who are trying to capture the muck-monster when it wanders too close to their village the long hidden town of La Hacienda, home of the Fountain of Youth. While back in town, Richard gets a job at the local radio station, and Hart and Ayla bid him farewell, leaving to find their own destinies.

While back in the swamps, the Capitan of La Hacienda tries to gun down the creature, but this has no effect. When they are unable to stop the Man-Thing from entering into the village, the Capitan orders it doused with water from the fountain of youth. This causes the Man-Thing to burn, and it slowly shambles back out into the swamp where it's destroyed.

Rising up from the mire, Man-Thing spots Schist and his men heading towards the entrance to La Hacienda and prepares to halt them. This story is continued next issue...


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