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Synopsis for "Came the Dark Man Walkin', Walkin'..."

John Kowalski is hitchhiking through Citrusville and his unique nature and presence draws out the Man-Thing. They happen across Andrew Kale who has just gotten into a jam with Barnaby Stone and his bike gang for making a "move" on his girl. John interrupts them and saves Andrew from a beating, and the bike gang flees when the Man-Thing arrives.

Andrew takes Man-Thing and John back to their home. There Jennifer Kale is trying to use her magical powers on behalf of Barbie Bannister to free John Daltry from the curse of the Magus Blade. This attempt fails, and when Jennifer tries to call Dr. Strange for extra assistance, Wong informs her that, unfortunately, the doctor is away on business.

Barnaby Stone and his gang arrive to get revenge against Andrew and attacks the Kales. The Man-Thing is unable to do anything because the bog-monster is set ablaze from Molotov Cocktails. While the bog-monster fights off the other bikers, Andrew and Barnaby go one on one. However, Barnaby is a dirty fighter and wings Andrew with a gun shot to the arm. John gets involved and uses his powers to kill Barnaby. Afterwords, John offers to help Barbie to free John, however in order to do so she has to become what he is, that being Death.

This story is concluded next issue...


  • Throughout the issue Barbara Bannister is spelled Barbra, and Khordes is spelled Khourdes.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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