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Synopsis for "Hell's Gate!"

Continued from last issue... Marvel Comics staffers Jim Shooter, Louise Jones, and Danny Fingeroth are trying to track down Man-Thing writer Chris Claremont. They find him in a New York bar, where he tells them that he intends to quit working on the Man-Thing book and explains why:
One night while going home, he happened on Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, going inside the building that is supposed to be hidden by magic he finds that Dr. Strange and Clea have been killed, and he too is killed by their murderer: John Daltry.

While in Florida, John Kowalski changes Barbie Bannister into a personification of Death just like him. After showing her how her powers work, he transports themselves and the Man-Thing to the realm of Sominus. There they fight into the castle where they find that Thog is the force behind John's curse and that he had sent John to slay Earth magicians who would stand in his way of taking over the cosmos.

Subduing Barbie, Thog also changes Man-Thing back into Ted Sallis (As a side effect of this spell Claremont is transformed into the Man-Thing) Freeing Barbie, the Claremont-Man-Thing then turns it's power on Thog and destroys him once more. With everyone free Dr. Strange reverses the spell Thog cast changing Claremont back to normal and once more changing Sallis into the Man-Thing once more. Everyone is then transported back to Florida and part ways.

Finishing his story, Claremont explains this is why he cannot write Man-Thing anymore, a decision that Shooter agrees with. When they leave the bar, the bartender is revealed to be Dakimh, who has been directing Claremont's writing as he did Steve Gerber's in the past.


  • Throughout the issue Barbara Bannister is spelled Barbra.

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