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Appearing in "Himalayan Nightmare!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Russell Simpson (dies)
  • Elaine Simpson (Russell's wife)


  • Roger Grafton

Other Characters:

  • Frederick
  • Dr. Schectman
  • Sherpas


Synopsis for "Himalayan Nightmare!"

The Man-Thing wanders the swamp one day when he happens upon two scientists about to test out a new teleportation ray. When they spot the quag-beast, they shoot it with the device, which transports the Man-Thing to the Himalayan mountains, where the muck-monster fights off a horde of wolves.

Meanwhile three explorers, Russell, his wife Elaine and his associate Roger (Who is trying to make advances on Elaine) continue their search for the abominable snowman, even after their Sherpa Guides refuse to go any further. When Russell falls down a cliff, Roger assumes him dead and convinces Elaine to go with him back to the mainland, figuring they'll never find the abominable snowman.

Russell survived his fall however, and is attacked by a mountain bear, but is saved by the Man-Thing which he burns to death in his hands. Believing that the Man-Thing is the abominable snowman, he convinces the quag-beast to follow him and find the others. However, when Roger is kicked out of the tent when he tries to make an advancement on Eline, he sees Roger first and shoots him in cold blood.

When the Man-Thing is seen by Elaine, Roger convinces her that the monster killed her and as they try to flee she twists her ankle. He leaves her to die just as his gunshots cause an avalanche. The Man-Thing, attracted by Elaine's fear, pounces on her just as the avalanche hits.

This story is continued next issue....

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