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  • Roger Grafton {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Death}}
  • Hiram Swenson (anthropologist) {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Only appearance; dies}}Expansion depth limit exceeded

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Synopsis for "The Gong of Doom!"

Continued from last issue... Elaine and Man-Thing are buried in an avalanche, leaving her late-husband's crooked partner to think that he can at least cash in on the Man-Thing's dead body (which he mistakenly believes to be the abominable snowman.) Elaine and the Quag-Beast are rescued by hirsute primitives that are the source of the snowmen legend. Taken to the leader, a Norwegian explorer named Hiram Swenson. Swenson tells them that he discovered the tribe and decided to make it his mission to protect this tribe's culture from the outside world, and as such insured that it doesn't get discovered.

Swenson decides that the Man-Thing and Elaine are a threat to the civilization and so they are taken prisoner. One of the elders of the tribe believes that the Man-Thing is their mammoth god and worships it, however this belief does not save them from their intended fate: to be burned at the stake.

The Man-Thing manages to get free and at that time Roger arrives with an expedition team and they start shooting at the tribespeople, killing Swenson in the process. They try to cage the Man-Thing but he oozes free and burns Roger's face. Just then, the elder arrives with the tribe's "gong of doom" and uses it to cause an avalanche. As the remaining explorers make an escape in their plane, the Man-Thing grabs Elaine, and grabs hold of the plane. Although they escape the avalanche, their added weight on the aircraft threatens to make it crash.

This story is continued next issue...

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