Appearing in "Who Knows Fear"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • drug smugglers

Other Characters:

  • Dr. Bannister and wife (Barbie's parents, both die, flashback)
  • Dr. Sharon Cole (Citrusville town doctor)




Synopsis for "Who Knows Fear"

Barbie Bannister was the typical spoiled rich girl that got everything she wanted regardless of the repercussions. While out on a boat trip with her family, she convinces them to let Ian McGuire on board their ship. He appears to be a straight laced young lad, but it later is revealed that he is a pirate, and his men board the ship and murder Barbie's family and have their way with her before deciding they they are going to kill her as well.

Not wishing to die, Barbie manages to escape, but she finds herself in the swamps outside of Citrusville and her fear brings about the Man-Thing. On top of being chased by the quag-beast, she is also hunted by Ian and his men.

While Barbie manages to escape to the road where she is picked up by Sheriff John Daltry, Ian's men are killed by the Man-Thing. Ian however follows Barbie to Daltry's home, and while Daltry is out looking for Ian, he tries to silence her once and for all. However, she gets over her fear, and beats Ian senseless, and calls the police for help.

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