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When the Cyprus County Sheriff's office is vandalized, John Daltry is determined to find out who's responsible. Those people are part of a exclusive Georga College Fraternity led by the rich J. Elliot Osborune. This, plus their intent of destroying the Man-Thing before the sheriff's eyes are all part of their fraternities activities.

They get the drop on Daltry, and cuff him and begin their hunt for the Man-Thing, with chemicals that Daltry knows from his days fighting in Viet Nam: They are so potent that they can contaminate the entire Everglades, and that they are highly combustible.

When the Man-Thing attacks them, Allen is caught in their car wreck and is killed when their jeep explodes. Then using Daltry, Regina and William as a means to lure the Man-Thing into their range. Daltry tries to stop Osbourne from using the chemicals on the Man-Thing.

Osbourne never gets the chance though, because the Man-Thing grabs him, and as the boy begins to give in to his fear, the igniting flames catch the chemicals in the container he's holding which causes an explosion. While Osbourne is killed, the Man-Thing remains unscathed due to his connection to the swamps.

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