Appearing in "Red Sails, Burning!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • North Atlantic
  • US Navy Base at Shark Bay



  • Serpent's Crown
  • Athena (British frigate)
  • Marietta (freighter, flashback)
  • USS Mercy (hospital ship)

Synopsis for "Red Sails, Burning!"

Continued from last issue.... Captain Fate has Sheriff Daltry and Barbie Bannister as prisoners. He and his crew force them to watch a kidnapped airline stewardess who has been resisting the advances of Fate and his men. The girl's fear riles up the Man-Thing who attacks her in the lower holds of the ship. When Daltry demands a man-to-man fight with Fate, Fate has him thrown down with the Man-Thing as well, and takes Barbie away to have her prepared to be his woman.

While at the Bermuda Triangle, Khordes and Maura Spinner's castle raises from the water and they create a magical ship of their own to go after Fate and his crew of the Serpent's Crown. And back aboard the Serpent's Crown, John and Barbie manage to escape when they trick one of pirates close enough to the bars for John to grab him. When the pirate begins to feel fear, it makes the Man-Thing smash through their bars.

As John prepares to attack Fate, he sends Barbie to keep Fate distracted while he formulates a plan. However, before they can do anymore, Khordes and Maura's ship arrives and bombards the Serpent's Crown with cannon balls.

Man-Thing joins John, Barbie, Khordes and Maura Spinner in their attack on Fate and his crew. During the fight, John reclaims the Magus Sword, Khordes banishes the pirates, and the Man-Thing kills Fate. However, as they leave the ship, John finds that he is trapped on board by some mystic barrier. As they see the Magus Sword and John's fists glowing, the others can only watch in horror as the Serpent's Crown suddenly lifts off and flies away with John still on board, seemingly taking Captain Fate's place.

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