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Appearing in "The Echo of Pain!"

Featured Characters:

Other Characters:

  • David Connelly (First appearance; dies)
  • Elizabeth Connelly (First appearance; dies)
  • Jessie Connelly (David's father)
  • Edward Hart (First appearance; dies) (Elizabeth's father)
  • Jane Hart (First appearance; dies) (Elizabeth's mother)
  • David and Elizabeth's newborn daughter


Synopsis for "The Echo of Pain!"

David and Elizabeth Connelly are newly wed in spite of their parent's differences about their getting married, and the fact that Elizabeth is pregnant with David's baby. Driving away to start a new life, David's car breaks down. They take shelter in an abandoned shack just to the edge of the Everglades swamps. When they drink water from the water pump inside, they are unaware that the water is poisonous due to stagnation. Elizabeth gives birth to their child, however the couple soon dies from drinking the contaminated water.

The baby's cries of fear (it also has been exposed to the water) draws the Man-Thing, who instead of destroying the baby picks it up and carries it along into the swamp. Meanwhile, David's father, and Elizabeth's parents decide to put their differences aside and go and look for their children. They come across their dead bodies and notice that Elizabeth had given birth to her baby but it's missing.

Searching for the baby in the swamp, they find it and the Man-Thing. Elizabeth's parents immediately assume that the mire-monster is going to harm the baby. When they attack the Man-Thing, it reacts in kind and kills them when they give into fear. David's father calmly takes the baby from the Man-Thing, to raise it as his own. Unknown to anyone, the baby is cured of the contaminated water from it's exposure to the Man-Thing. Without the baby or the man as emotional stimulus, the Man-Thing returns to the swamp.

Appearing in "My Soul to Keep!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Larry

Other Characters:

  • Tao's Children (group)


Synopsis for "My Soul to Keep!"

Larry was a young man who to find guidance and a reason for living joined the religious group called Tao's Children. Larry's Christian mother doesn't like the fact that her son has gone astray and sends some men to "deprogram" her boy. Having shot him full of drugs they try to reverse the "reporograming" that he got from Tao's Children. However, Larry manages to escape into the swamps.

Running into the swamp, he runs into the Man-Thing and dismisses the muck-monster as a hallucination and tells it his life story. When the men hired to "deprogram" him track him down, they tie him up to a tree in order to continue their deprogramming. However, their emotions prompt the Man-Thing to attack them. When they give into fear, the Man-Thing seriously burns them.

When everyone is unconscious, the Man-Thing leaves, and Larry is found by his fellows in the Tao's Children. When assessing what happened to the two men, the Children decide to leave them to their fate, blinded by the same religious ignorance, hoping that they die.

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