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Synopsis for "Christmas in Bedlam!"

It's Christmas Eve, and Eric Simon Payne, the hero formerly known as Devil-Slayer, is a patient at Rosewell Sanitarium in Charles, Massachusetts. He has been suffering massive delusions as of late, many attributed to guilt that he feels over the death of his wife Cory. The only person who seems capable of reaching Eric is a fellow patient known only as Sorrow.

Meanwhile in the Florida Everglades, Ellen Brandt tries to establish an empathic connection with her former husband the Man-Thing. Ellen knows that she must guide the Man-Thing on a quest to reconstitute the shattered Nexus of All Realities, and in the process, perhaps even heal her own fractured psyche. Unfortunately, Ellen has no idea how she is going to accomplish such a feat.

Mister Termineus appears in the swamp holding a gnarled wooden staff while wearing an old fashioned Santa Claus outfit. He addresses Ellen and tells her that he is a colleague of Stephen Strange. He wants to help her achieve her objectives and hands her the wooden staff. After doing so, Termineus disappears in a wall of fire.

At Rosewell, Eric Payne visits the mute Sorrow. Sorrow has the ability to inspire hope in others, and Eric sees a vision of himself when he was still bearing the Shadow Cloak that allowed him to traverse dimensions. He knows this is just a hallucination though and when the vision ends, he finds himself still a patient at the hospital. A man wearing a Santa Claus outfit approaches Eric and unleashes all of the man's internal demons. The demons take corporeal form and begin causing havoc at the hospital.

In Florida, Ellen Brandt uses the staff given to her by Mister Termineus to transport the Man-Thing and herself to Rosewell Sanitarium.


  • The events from this issue takes place on Christmas Eve.


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