Quote1.png Whate'er you fear is shadow mist! All worlds are dream and sleep. Become this truth, sweet fated child, and God is yours to keep. Quote2.png
-- The Man-Thing

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Synopsis for "Silent Night"

Eric Simon Payne, former hero turned mental patient, is now literally wrestling with his own internal demons. A horde of monstrous figures erupts all around him and begins wreaking chaos at the Rosewell Sanitarium. Standing in the room observing the carnage is Mister Termineus who is dressed in a ragged Santa Claus outfit. Sorrow goes to Simon's side and tries to use her empathic abilities to calm him down.

Suddenly, the Man-Thing and Ellen Brandt appear inside the Sanitarium. Ellen is holding the staff given to her by Termineus and knows that she must somehow use it to repair the broken Nexus of All Realities. The Man-Thing takes up the staff and the power of the mystic relic speaks through him.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, the Burke family decorate the tree for Christmas morning. Proud father Jack is ready to give his son Job the best Christmas possible. While looking at a Christmas tree ornament, he sees the reflection of Mister Termineus staring back at him. He drops the ornament and just as quickly, the memory what he had seen fades away. In the other room, the dream-essence of the mental patient Sorrow visits young Job. Using her strange abilities, she gives Job a shimmering snowfall of hopes and dreams: devotion,joy and mercy.

Back at Rosewell, Mister Termineus perceives that Sorrow was somehow "visiting" Job. He warns he to stay clear of him. Eric Payne tries to attack Termineus, but he is too lost within his own mindscape to have any affect. Turning, he sees the Man-Thing and believes that he is an agent of Termineus. He reaches into his Shadow Cloak and withdraws an astral spear. Using this mystic weapon, he cleaves the Man-Thing in two.

Eric's anger, combined with his telepathic abilities and the fragment of the Nexus lodged within him yields catastrophic consequences. The crater of unreality surrounding the hospital begins to spread throughout the town of Charles, Massachusetts. The Man-Thing's body partially reconstitutes itself and Eric Payne and he fight again. When the two combatants collide with one another, they create a massive explosion of fire.


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