Quote1.png And that song echoed to a world within this world, where Payne and Sorrow (no doubt, with time, they'll produce a child named Misery!) stood side-by-side... waiting... for the cry of the human heart. Quote2.png
-- Mister Termineus

Appearing in "An Empty House"

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  • Gwyneth Burke
  • Jack {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Only appearance}}Expansion depth limit exceeded
  • Jack Burke
  • Job Burke
  • Joseph {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Final appearance}}
  • Mary Garcia (Final appearance)
  • Tommy {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Only appearance}}Expansion depth limit exceeded




Synopsis for "An Empty House"

Convinced that the Man-Thing represents the manifestation of all of his personal demons, he lunges at the beast and the two grappling combatants blister away in a violent conflagration that threatens to destroy not only the Sanitarium, but the entire town of Charles as well. However, thanks to the mystic staff provided to Ellen Brandt by Mister Termineus, the crater that had been swallowing the town quickly recedes. The patient known as Sorrow establishes an empathic rapport with Payne and succeeds in exorcising his internal demons, by driving out the fragment of the Nexus of All Realities that existed inside of him. Taking the fragment, she forges it into a necklace and gives it to Ellen, much to the chagrin of Mister Termineus who covets the fragment very badly.

As things begin to return to normal, Ellen believes that this leg of her journey is complete. As the Man-Thing and she leave the hospital however, they find themselves transported to an alternate reality - a picturesque world that appears as if it were spun from a Norman Rockwell painting. In this dreamlike reality, the Man-Thing is "Doc" Ted Sallis and Ellen is his wife. He is a respected member of the community and the two live a perfect life. Ellen is bothered by the sudden influx of new memories that she knows are not real; the most painful of which is seeing her and Ted's son - a child that she should not have.

In the real world, Mister Termineus goes to the Brooklyn home of the Burke family. He abducts their young son Job, who is in reality the natural child of Ellen Brandt and Ted Sallis (conceived before Sallis was transformed into the Man-Thing).

Ellen and the Man-Thing meanwhile, exit the alternate reality and find themselves back in the Everglades. They come across the Cult of Entropy. The leader of the cult is carrying what appears to be an infant wrapped in cloth in his arms. Ellen briefly thinks that the child is her own until the wrappings fall away revealing -- Howard the Duck!


  • Mister Termineus' full name, Amodeus Q. Termineus, is revealed in this issue.


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