Mana Yanowa (Earth-616)

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Mana can form magical shields, project mystic bolts, and cast a variety of spells (including freezing other objects and beings). She can mystically bless objects and beings, granting them a Shosei purification aura that allows them to better combat dark mystical threats. She is aware of anything that happens or is stated around the Mark of Mana, and she has bound her own and other spirits within the Mark, her body remaining unchanged over centuries despite this separation.



She also is the holder of the mystically powerful Blade of Blood, able to at least deflect or disrupt magic and open dimensional portals. The Blade only responds to the Shosei Order's high priestess, unless she willingly gives it to and commands the souls to respond to another. Additionally, she wields and is proficient in combat with an unidentified blade and dagger.

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