The Mandalay Gem is composed by one of the most powerful minerals in the universe. It is a much coveted item sought after by an estranged galactic crime lord and was recovered from the Badoon by Star-Lord.[1] The Gem is of Celestial technology as Thanos confirmed during his battle on the Moon against Quill, who utilized it against the Mad Titan, nearly ending him in battle. After the fight, Quill discarded the Gem on the Moon.[2]


Being of Celestial origins the gem itself sports incredible properties. Among them is an energy coating that protects the user from the rigors of space travel along with torrential cosmic energies. It also serves as a focus for said energies that the user can manipulate from their person at will, producing cosmic blasts that can stagger even the most powerful Eternal, augmenting their physical proportions, protection from destructive forces and a limited guard against physical abrasion.[3]

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