The Mandarin is one of the strongest supervillains in the world, and an archenemy of Iron Man. It is unknown how far back their rivalry goes. Mandarin states that it has been a while since he last fought Iron Man, and Iron Man only states that he had quite some trouble with Mandarin in the past.[1]

Mandarin was first seen when Rosetta Riley came to his palace in the desert to ask him if he was interested to fight the Avengers. Mandarin agreed when she told him that Iron Man was also part of this superhero team (something that Mandarin apparently didn’t know yet). Together, they set up a trap for the team on Techno Isle. Mandarin used his powers to wreak havoc in order to draw the Avengers out, while Rosetta disguised herself as a security guard and kept an eye out for the Avengers.[1]

However, instead of the Avengers, the young hero Nova (who, at the time, wanted to join the Avengers and thought this to be the chance to prove himself) was the first to respond to the crisis. He first ‘rescued’ Rosetta, thinking her to be a victim, and then tried to fight Mandarin. Rosetta used Nova’s assumption that she was an innocent bystander to allow Mandarin to perform a surprise attack, which took out the young hero. The Avengers then finally showed up to fight Mandarin. Mandarin mainly targeted Iron Man and only used his powers on the other heroes to keep them at a distance. The team used this to their advantage by combining their powers into team attacks to take out Mandarin. Hikaru then summoned the Build Up Armor for Thor, with which Thor was able to reflect Mandarin’s strongest attack. Realizing he was about to lose, Mandarin retreated but vowed that he would now have his revenge on the entire team instead of just Iron Man.[1]

In the final battle with Loki, Mandarin actually came to Iron Man’s rescue when the hero was about to be killed by the Asgardian god, since he didn’t want any other villain to have the honor of killing Iron Man. In this fight, he teamed up with Iron Man’s other archenemy, Silver Samurai, to fight Loki. They were able to keep Loki at bay long enough for Akira to bring the Kree Mact to Iron Man, which gave him the power he needed to defeat Loki. It's unknown what became of Mandarin afterwards.[2]


Apparenly, those of mainstream Mandarin.


Apparenly, those of mainstream Mandarin.


Mandarin's Rings

Mandarin's armor is seemingly based on the Mandarin of the Earth-904913

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