Manjera was one of six scientists along with Osch, Kig, Byron, Mondu and Graczia originally commissioned to create five Darkhawk armors by alien crimelord Dargin Bokk and his brother Dargin Ryne. She and the others rebelled against Bokk and tried to escape with their armors. Manjera wore the Evilhawk armor but after she was injured by Bokk she reverted to her human form and he killed her. Bokk would later use this armor himself. Majera was recruited because she recently developed a teleportation method to substitute one being for another. Mandeja was bribed with jewels into joining Bokk's project.[1]

Later this entire backstory was revealed to be false and that all of these characters and a few others were revealed to be figments of Christopher Powell's imagination when he was unable to process the influx of information from his armor's datasong.[2]

Retroactive changes in continuity have resulted in this character no longer having existed.

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