Lord Mandragon became the Omniversal Majestror when he supplanted Saturnyne and put her on trial at the Supreme Omniversal Tribune, for her actions regarding Earth-238 and the whole Jim Jaspers affair. Mandragon further denied Saturnyne her Avant Guard agents as witnesses and only allowed her one, a man he thought hated her as much as he did, Captain Britain of Earth-616.[1]

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So he allowed Saturnyne's agents, the Special Executive to travel to Braddock Manor to abduct Captain Britain in his sleep to be brought to the court as her one and only witness. Mandragon opened the court proceedings by ordering the obliteration of the entire reality of Earth-238, which was objected by the Defense Council, who knew that reality was the only source of evidence to prove Saturnyne's innocence. Captain Britain also objected to the loss of the infinite number of lives of people that lived in that reality. However, that reality was destroyed by a touch of Mandragon's hand on his console, having no idea that the only thing to escape that reality was the Fury.[2]

After Saturnyne was called to give her testimony on the events that led up to her fleeing Earth-238, Mandragon informed the court that he was both prosecutor and judge in this case and refuted her testimony as being false. Since he was also her successor as Omniversal Majestor, Captain Britain called into question his motivations and asked if he were also the hangman in this situation. This led to Captain Britain being detained and Mandragon finding Saturnyne guilty and ordering her immediate execution, which infuriated Captain Britain causing him to break free of his restraints and a fight broke out in the court. At the end of the battle, Captain Britain, Saturnyne and the Special Executive all fled to Earth-616.[3]

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Sometime later, after another Mad Jim Jaspers attempted a similar reality warp on Earth-616 and was killed by the Fury, Roma brought Captain Britain, Captain UK and Saturnyne back to Otherworld for the funeral of her father, Merlyn. After the funeral was concluded Saturnyne confronted Lord Mandragon in his bed chambers threatening to create a clone of Jim Jaspers and unleash it on his native reality unless he gave her a full pardon and then resigned his position and returned it to her. Saturnyne further humiliated him by making Mandragon literally lick a speck of dust from her shoes.[4]


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