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Manfred Ellsworth Haller was once a promising hydraulic engineer and generous philanthropist. As the founder of Haller Hydraulics, he designed and developed a suit of exoskeleton armor to enable explorers to survive hostile environments and allow rescue personnel to traverse hazardous terrain.

Fighting She-Hulk

He used the suit to battle and nearly defeat the fugitive She-Hulk in hopes of gaining publicity and endorsements, but ended the fight when she was found innocent.[1]

Civil War

Unfortunately, after the Superhuman Registration Act became law, Tony Stark discovered Haller was clandestinely supplying unregistered, tech-based heroes with parts and services. Haller Hydraulics was closed and Haller's assets were frozen. Halleer fled to Timbuktu, Mali, in search of enlightenment, but instead found an elderly devotee of the Hindu god Ganesha who foresaw his arrival and bestowed upon him the vastly powerful Sy-Torak Gem, which warped Haller's mind and transformed him into the pachyderm-like Behemoth. He returned to the US to seek vengeance upon She-Hulk, but was defeated by her allies the Lady Liberators.

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[2]

Powers and Abilities

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