Quote1.png The unstoppable All-Gog! Eater of gods! Greatest and ugliest of fools! Quote2.png
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All-Gog's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's. After the Asgardians were nearly wiped out by the Ragnarok Wars, Mangog devoured the survivors, including All-Father Odin. After assimilating Odin's power, Mangog became All-Gog.[2]

Joining the Masters of Doom in attacking different locations across Washington, D.C., All-Gog attacked the Lincoln Memorial and fought against his archnemesis, Power Princess.[1]

After All-Gog tasted her, Zarda used her special gauntlets to rip through All-Gog's abdomen. She eventually defeated him, turned him to stone, and placed him among her collection of petrified opponents she kept around her home, the Statue of Liberty.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Mangog as well as those of the Odin Borson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Mangog of Earth-616.



Large sword

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