Manifold (Earth-1331) from New Avengers Vol 3 1 003

Swan killing Manifold.

This Manifold allied with the Black Swan after his Earth faced an Incursion. He transported her to the other Earth along with a squadron of soldiers. They were confronted by Black Panther and some Wakandan students. After one of them attempted to make contact with Manifold and the soldiers, Black Swan ordered them to kill him and the others.

Powerless outside of his own reality, Manifold was killed by Black Swan who declared him useless and claimed killing him was a mercy. The Black Panther took advantage of this, and captured her and took her back to Wakanda.[1]


  • Spatial Teleportation: Ability to mold reality to tear open space and time connecting one place to another thus allowing him to teleport to just about anywhere. He does not have to know where he's going as his powers compensate and allow him to never materialize inside of an object, portals remain open until he closes them. His abilities only work in his own dimension once he leaves it, he cannot use his powers no more.



  • As his real name is not revealed, and as he had a drastic difference with Eden Fesi but a similar costume and same powers, is unknown if that Manifold was a strict counterpart of Eden Fesi, the Earth-616 wielder of that name; or if the Manifold is a title carried by teleporters through the Multiverse, as for the Captain Britain title.

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