Mannanan was the son of the Celtic god Leir[4] (thus the name Mannanan Mac Lir,[8][9] Lir being another name of Leir)[4] and possibly Penarddun.[4][6][12]

Mannanan became a Sea God of the Tuatha de Danaan,[7] having inherited his father's duties upon reaching adulthood.[4]

With the faerie Fand, he sired Niamh Chinn Óir, the Lady of the Lake. When Niahm was still young, Mannanan gave her Enbarr, a magical horse that could run on water and across air.[7]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

Mannanan and Lir, both sea-gods, were worshiped by the Atlanteans.[13]

Hyborian Age

They were eventually handed down, and became part of the Cimmerian Gods, although they lost their status of sea-gods at that point.[13]

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