Along with her reporting partner Neal Conan, Manoli Wetherell reported on an incident at Eagle Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Due to the sorcery of the Adversary, beings from different times and places were leaking through into the city. Manoli had to save Neal from a member of a barbarian horde by shooting him with a handgun in their news van.

The reporters proceeded to the plaza, where they filmed a confrontation between the mutant heroes the X-Men and the government super team Freedom Force. Manoli was at first cynical about the X-Men and whether they were heroes, but a rebuke from Havok and her continued exposure to their heroism appeared to change her mind. [1]

While Neal entered the plaza with the X-Men and their then ally Madelyne Pryor, using a handheld camera to record events, while Manoli remained outside to relay the footage to the network. Conan accompanied the X-Men and Pryor to the Adversary's citadel above the Earth, recording all the time. When the plaza began to crumble, a distraught Manoli tried to enter it to help Conan, but she was stopped by Freedom Force member the Crimson Commando. Conan continued to record as the X-Men and Pryor apparently sacrificed themselves to save the world, and Conan was returned to Earth and Manoli.[2]


Manoli is skilled in the use of television cameras and editing equipment. She also has some skill with firearms.

Strength level

Manoli possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build.

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